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How to write a good nomination for a Innovation, Improvement & Impact Award

The key to a well-written nomination is providing the judges with specific information to illustrate how the nominee’s or group’s achievements have gone above and beyond their normal duties, which in turn has had a positive impact on any level of the organisation.


Open your nomination with a direct, clear and specific statement outlining the nominee’s role and why they deserve recognition. List the most important information in this introductory section and then you can elaborate as necessary in the next section.


In order for the judging panel to be able to review the nomination effectively you need to ensure you include enough information for them to become familiar with the nominee’s challenges faced, actions taken and results or goals met through the work they have been doing.

Use this section to support your introduction with specific examples that address the award criteria, explaining why the nominee’s accomplishments are worthy of the award.

Where possible, try to include outcomes, results and any activities that are deemed “above and beyond” their everyday job description. Outline what your nominee has done in reference to the award you are nominating them for. Give examples of how this outstanding quality has been demonstrated such as collaborative working, initiative, inclusion, leadership.

Supporting Evidence

All nominations need to have sufficient and relevant supportive evidence.

Evidence can be given in many different ways, but it is vital to form a solid and supported nomination.

Try to make the evidence concise as possible and avoid making vague claims.

Avoid sweeping generalities and make every sentence count.

Consider the following key points when including evidence to support your nomination:

  • WHAT did the nominee do (e.g. projects, activities)
  • HOW did they do it?
    • Initiative and / or Leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Creativity and / or Innovation
    • Behaviours and / or Attitudes (should not dominate write-up)
  • WHAT were the results and/or impact?
    • What did the nominee’s efforts accomplish?
    • Are there specific benefits derived from those efforts?